Howdy George

ATTORNEY: Mister Peckerhead – on July 25th, did you walk by the duck enclosure at your farm?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): Yep.

ATTORNEY: So, how close did you walk within the enclosure?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): Oh, I reckon about 20 feet, give or take 10 feet.

ATTORNEY: Did you notice anything unusual?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): I sure did!

ATTORNEYWhat did you see?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): I saw George.

ATTORNEY: You saw George, the accused in this case?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): Yeppers.

ATTORNEY: Can you tell us what George was doing?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): Are you sure that’s a good idear?

ATTORNEY: It’s ok, go ahead.

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): Well, George had his thing in one of my ducks.

ATTORNEY: What do you mean by “thing”?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): You know… his dic… I mean his pecker.

ATTORNEY: So, Mister Peckerhead – are you saying that you passed within 10-30 feet of the duck enclosure, the light was good, you were sober, you have good eyesight, and you clearly saw George with his pecker in one of your ducks?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): Yep, that about sums it up.

ATTORNEY: Did you say anything to George?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): I sure did!

ATTORNEY: Well, what did you say to him?

WITNESS (Mister Peckerhead): I says, “Howdy George!”

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