Mister Peckerhead Gets A Pianist Job

There’s this bar with a sign in the window, that reads; “Pianist Wanted!”

Mister Peckerhead walks in and says; “I’m here for the pianist job.” The owner replies; “Well, play me a song and if you’re any good – then you’ve got the job.” So, Mister Peckerhead sits down and plays a song that nearly puts the owner in tears.

“What a beautiful song! What’s it called?” … the owner asks. Mister Peckerhead answers with; “It’s called, My Wife Is Boinking My Dog”. The owner replies; “Huh? Um – that’s a strange song title. Can you play me another song?”

Mister Peckerhead plays another song and this time the owner breaks down in tears. “What do you call that song?” … he tearfully asks. Mister Peckerhead replies with; “A Frog Shits On Top Of A Three Legged Elephant“.

The owner tells Mister Peckerhead that he can have the job on one condition: “He must not tell his customers the names of any songs that he plays.” Mister Peckerhead agrees and starts playing that night. Everyone loves his performance. He even gets a standing ovation, after every song that he plays.

After about 2 hours, Mister Peckerhead takes a short break. So, he goes to the restroom toilet and on his way out – an elderly man passing says; “Hey, do you know your zipper is down and your pecker is hanging out?”

 Mister Peckerhead answers; “Know it, hell – I wrote it!”

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